Home Staging Basics

ImageWhat to do before you sell

“Home Staging” is more than just

preparing to sell your home by making it

look the best it can. It’s really the art of first

impressions. For many home sellers and

real estate agents, the concept of “home

staging” is being more frequently

recognized and used to effectively promote

and market a home in the marketplace. If

you are in the process of, or thinking about,

selling your home, you may want to

consider hiring a professional home stager

to assist you. They work with the “flow”

of a home, eliminate clutter, arrange

furniture, and even assist in enhancing curb

appeal. Or, if you’re more the doityourself

type, below are some tips on what you can

do to improve your home’s “first


Start at the curb

Curb appeal is the first step to selling your

home. No one wants to buy a previous

owner’s dirty house. Powerwash

the siding

and wash windows until they shine. Trees,

shrubs, and flowers should be neat and tidy,

the garden weeded and the lawn mowed

and edged . Once you’ve removed

everything that isn’t necessary, add touches

such as large, lush flower pots or hanging

planters to welcome visitors.


If paint is showing signs of age, repaint.

Neutrals often work best. Clear out closets,

cupboards, and drawers. Strip the kitchen

down to the necessities. Counters, however,

should be clear, except for a decoratively

placed bowl of fruit or bouquet of fresh

flowers. Open the curtains to allow natural

light to fill the room.

Some home stagers also use scents to put the

best face on a listed home. You can appeal

to a buyer’s sense of smell. Hot apple cider,

cinnamon rolls, or fresh baked cookies add

a homey sense and are very inviting. The opposite of course is true, strong odors such as

garbage or pet odors can quickly turn people away!

In home staging

simplicity and comfort

is your ultimate goal!

Melanie Kramer,

10221 Ford Ave, Suite 1

Richmond Hill, GA 31324





Copyright 2014 Keller Williams


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